WAW Jan 06 ’23, Old Dominion vs Spires

Old Dominion and Spires faced off in a fierce battle of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings. Old Dominion, led by Scott, employed a heavy infantry strategy, utilizing their superior numbers to push forward and overwhelm the enemy. Spires, led by Alex, relied on their elite marksmen units to strike at the front of the Old Dominion’s lines.

The battle began with Old Dominion’s infantry pushing forward, but they were met with heavy fire from Spires’ marksmen. The arrows were able to chip away at the Old Dominion’s ranks, but they were eventually pushed back by the superior defense of Old Dominion’s infantry coupled with the Archimandrite’s healing prowess.

As the battle raged on, Old Dominion’s lines began to falter under the relentless pressure of Spires’ marksmen. Scott ordered a retreat, but it was too late. Spires’ cavalry was able to encircle and trap Old Dominion’s army, leading to a devastating defeat.

In the end, Old Dominion suffered heavy casualties, with many of their units being completely wiped out. Spires, on the other hand, suffered minimal losses and were able to claim a decisive victory.

Alex and his Spires army emerged victorious in this battle, but the war between Old Dominion and Spires was far from over. Both sides will undoubtedly be back on the field to fight again.

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